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Information about Covid-19



This is an extraordinary event in the world and it raises concerns and many issues that it is not so easy for either the authorities or for us as a tournament organizer to answer. Of course, we follow the general guidelines given by both the MSB and the Public Health Authority. We also have ongoing contact with the infection control physician in the Västmanland region.


What can you as an association / team think about before coming to ArosCupen?

1. Players / leaders / parents who have been in areas where UD

recommends not going to from trips during the month of May should refrain from coming to Västerås if they are not properly declared.

2. Train the players, at home, in what includes good hand hygiene.

3. Players who feel some kind of cold symptoms brush at home.

For the time being, the usual cancellation policy applies. The backlogsituation is so exceptional and unique so that IF ArosCupen cannot be played in the end of June 2020 and needs to be canceled due to restrictions from the MSB and the Public Health Authority, of course, all fees are refunded to notified teams.

We are holding our thumbs that the peak will soon be reached and the authorities will continue with sampling and infection tracking in un abated activity.

As usual, we plan to play the ArosCupen 2020 if the situation changes and wewill inform about this.


ArosCupen 2020