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Besides playing football ArosCupen offers a number of pleasures and activities to givet all participants a positive experience during the stay in Västerås.

The 2019 program is not finished, below you will see the 2018 program.

Sightseeing in Västerås

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We have signed agreements with Kokpunkten, discounted prices for participants in this year’s ArosCup!
Experience Kokpunkten, the first Swedish action bath. The heart beats a harder blow when you step out. Rush stomach feels right on the pulse. The blood in your veins flowing as fast as the water in the steepest path you traveled. This is what we call badrenalin. Read more.

Prison Island

Löga Beach

Directly connected to Lögarängsbadet, the city has opened a new outdoor beach. There is a sandy beach and swimming in lake Mälaren.

Lögarängen outdoor swimmingpools

Lögarängsbadet with indoor and outdoor pools. Read more! Map.

ArosCup Disco