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The ArosCup will be played in accordance with applicable sections of the FIFA rules and the Swedish F.A. rules. You can find official regulations Aros Cup 2020 HERE. All games are played on grass or artificial grass fields.

Group stage

New rules for age groups 12 years and younger(7-a-side) !!
Classes for age groups 12 years and younger (7-a-side) will only be playing group stages due to new regulations from the Swedish FA. There will be no playoff and presentation of results or tables will not be presented on the website.

The teams in age groups 12 years and younger will be divided into groups of a minimum of 7 teams where all the teams will meet in a round robin series.

Classes for age groups 13 years and older (9-a-side + 11-a-side) are not affected by the new rules and will be divided into groups of a minimum of 5 teams teams where all the teams will meet in a round robin series. After group stage first two teams will qualify for Playoff A and the other teams for Playoff B. In groups with six teams the first three teams will qualify for Playoff A.

Playoff A and B

The two(group with 5 teams) or three(groups with 6 teams) best teams in each group will advance to the A-play off.
The rest of the teams will go to the B-play off.
All play off games will be decided by the cup system, i.e. by direct elimination. Draws in the play off will be decided by penalty kicks.
In playoff A, semifinals and finals are played with assistant referees.


Teams can use at most 2 players that are one year over aged.

Teams from countries that still use the 1st of August limit (mainly USA and England) may use a maximum of 3 players 5 months over aged for all age classes.


The use of return substitutions is permitted in all age classes. Maximum of substitutes in 11- and 9-aside is 7 players. In 5- and 7-aside there is no limitation of number of substitute players.
No team may use more than 18 players in a match. A substituted player may reenter in the match.
Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.
If two or more teams have the same number of points, the order will be decided as follows:
1. Goal difference.
2. Highest number of goals scored.
3. Result of match between teams with equal points.
4. Penalty kick contest according to FIFA rules.

Match schedules

The match schedules will be sent out to the participating teams approximately a week before your first game.
You will be notified about the time and place for your first game on a seperate note before you receive the match schedules.

Match guarantee

* 11-aside at least 5 matches.
* 9-aside at least 5 matches.
* 7-aside at least 6 matches.