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We are part of the fight against childhood cancer - we are proud of that!



Every year around 300 children are affected by cancer in Sweden. Thanks to research and more effective treatment methods, the development has progressed and today 85 percent survive. But we want all children with cancer to survive and be able to live a healthy life. To get there, we have decided to join and support the activities of the Children's Cancer Foundation - we are proud of that!

We have entered into a collaboration with the Child Cancer Foundation these days and will donate SEK 50 per team that signs up for ArosCupen 2020, but we also want our members and our partners to also contribute to this important cause, so we have started a fundraising event. which will extend beyond 2020.

The Children's Cancer Foundation has produced a QR code for our collection, which we will put up at the kiosk, office and use on our social media during the year.

If you choose to contribute to this fundraiser during the year, you scan the QR code (QR code in the picture you can scan) and swish any amount, all contributions are estimated to be large or small for this purpose.