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At the same time as ArosCupen is being played, it is Västerås Cityfestival



Västerås City Festival is a three-day city festival in the middle of Västerås city dating back to the 90s!

Västerås City Festival is a festival for everyone! The festival has a wide and wide range of activities where all visitors should have the opportunity to feel involved. Västerås City Festival works to promote local and regional cultural life. Around the city there are several scenes and festival areas for all ages and interests. In our program you can see what happens during this year's festival.

Västerås Cityfestival is a large collaboration project, where Västerås Marknad & Näringsliv AB, together with the city's cultural life, student associations and various actors, work to make the festival a broad folk party. In addition to the wide range, the festival aims to promote an eco-labeled event, good security, accessibility, diversity and gender equality.

As the festival now covers large parts of the city, the shops, market stalls, restaurants and visitors to the area give a fantastic summer feeling full of life!