Youth Cup for girls and boys since 1978

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Here you can find the most common questions and answers. If you cant find your question please email us your question using this ContactForm.

How much is the team registration fee?
The fee varies depending on which age class you want to registrate your team for. Important to know that registration is not valid until payment by the due date stated . You will find details about team registration fee here.

How much is the participant fee?
The fee varies depending on if your team order accommodation in Aroscupen schools or/and meals in Aroscupen restaurants or/and travel between accommodation/venues with Aroscupen bus lines. You will find details about participant fee here.

Are we allowed to use over age players?
Exemption for one year over aged players granted as follows:
11-aside: You can use a maximum of 2 one year over aged player per game.
9-aside: You can use a maximum of 1 one year over aged player per game.
7-aside: You can use a maximum of 1 one year over aged player per game.
5-aside: You can use a maximum of 1 one year over aged player per game.

When is the match schedule published?
The match schedule is published earliest in week 24. You will find it under PROGRAM/MATCH SCHEDULE on the site, link here. Delays may occur to late team cancellations. All team leaders will receive a mail from Aroscupen when matchschedule is published on the internet.

When do we get information about our accommodation?
Which school your team is accommodated at is depending on the match schedule. We try to accommodate teams as close to their venues as possible. Which school is published at the same time as the match schedule. You will find accommodation under PROGRAM/ACCOMMODATION, link here.

How do we add or delete participants in the team?
The person that registrated your team has login-details for MyTeam which is the cup administration system where you can latest May 17 add or delete the numer of particicpants in your team.

Where do we eat?
Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served at your accommodation school or a school close nearby.
Opening hours is Breakfast: 06.00 – 09.00, Lunch: 11.00 – 15.00 and Dinner: 17.00 – 21.00.
The menu is designed for young people and is published under INFORMATION/ MEALS, link here. No meal containing pork.
Participants with special diet has contact us with details before June 11th, information at this link.
Additional food coupons for coaches/team members/accompanying family members aer available at kiosks at each school. Prices are: Breakfast 3 Euro, lunch 9 Euro and dinner 9 Euro.

How do we get to different venues between games?
Aroscupen offers travel between venues with Aroscupen bus lines for teams woithout own transportation. These buses are running between schools and venues. The cost is 12 Euro per participant. This fee also include free travel on city bus lines during the cup.