Youth Cup for girls and boys since 1978

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Organizing Committee

ArosCupen is organized by  Skiljebo Sportklubb (SSK) inVästerås. Skiljebo Sportklubb was founded in 1944. The name is from the town district “where it all began”. The mens team play in second national division. With youth teams in Junior National Elite and Boys National Elit the future looks promising. SSK also has a 50 youth teams from age 8 to 15, both girls and boys. SSK has it’s own office at Hamre IP where the two employees reside, Lars Kjellstrand and Tomas Svensson. Chairman of the board is Lars Lundqvist.

ArosCupen organizing committe

The committe works all year round with planning and implementation of the cup. There are numerous activities and details to be solved before the first game starts. Following is a presentation of the mebers in the committe..

  • Sören Carlsson – Chairman of the Committee.
  • Christer Fredriksson – Responsible for accommodations in over 30 schools and gymnasiums.
  • Lasse Lundkvist – Responsible for fixtures for all classes, reporting results and  group tables online during tournament.
  • Yngve Wallin – Responsible for adminstration of team and particapting fees. Manages the employees. Responsible for contacts with the town and confederations.
  • Fredh Lindh – Cashier in the committe and responsible for the financial accounting.
  • Mikela Wallin – Employed with recruitment of officials and economics.
  • Hans Johansson – Responsible for contacts with all school restaurants, procurement, distribution to hiring temporary staff. Hans is also recruiting and responsible for staff working at accomodation .
  • Stig Flöijer – Responsible for all referees and theirassignments during the cup. Responsible for fixtures for all classes. Stig is also webmaster for
  • Tomas Svensson – As one of the employees at the office his responsibility is contacts and practical details with the participating teams.
  • Lars Kjellstrand – As one of the employees at the office his responsibility is contacts and practical details with the participating teams.

Other officals

The cup engages a number of different officials. Most of the officials are recruited from within the club and has had their assignments for several years. Here are a few examples of important responsibilities:

  • School Manager, about 25 of them. His/hers task is to take care of all participating teams that are accomodated in schools and gymnasiums. Responsible for check in and service to teams at his/her school. In charge of working teams at the school. These working teams consists of players and parents from the 50 youth teams in SSK.
  • SSK Working teams, totally 600 persons. Normally a youth-team with players and parents. Runs the kiosk och CoachesCorner, responsible for cleaning public areas and locking/unlocking classrooms.
  • Catering, school kitchen and catering is run by ordinary staff supplemented with SSK working teams.
  • Court Managers, totally 30 officials. Coordinator at the fotball ground. Provides referees and teams with information and material. Responsible for reporting results at local tables and reporting to online service.
  • Referees, totally 130 referees. Ambition is high quality by using experienced referees. During Aroscupen 2015 a total of 1655 matches were played!!
  • Other, totally 20 persons. Bus and car drivers, nurses, guards, discjockeys.