Youth Cup for girls and boys since 1978

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Participating teams are accommodated in the school halls or high schools. The halls can accommodate between 20-25 people with "normal (90 × 200)" mattresses.

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Food and drinks

Meals are served in school restaurants at or nearby accommodation schools. No dishes contains pork.

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News from ArosCupen

Number of participating teams as of today

ArosCupen is played for the 40th time this year. Use this link...

Read moreWritten 17 Aug, 2017

New times for the finals

Today is the last day of the cup and all finals will...

Read moreWritten 16 Aug, 2017

Idrott för alla!

För Skiljebo SK som arrangör är det en självklarhet att alla som...

Read moreWritten 15 May, 2017

Why not visit City Festival or the Indoor Action Bath

During Aroscupen participating teams can visit the Västerås City Festival, the town...

Read moreWritten 15 Feb, 2017

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